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We take a three prong approach to digital marketing and advertising.

  • Content Marketing

    From blog posts, articles, graphics and video we create content that engages. And as a bonus, we’ll make you look cool!

  • Social & Search Ad Campaigns

    Between the opportunities of Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, we can target any interest group or audience.

  • Website Design and Maintenance

    We specialize in creating and maintaining WordPress websites and Shopify eCommerce storefronts. Let us find the leads and sales your business needs.

Scot Trees, GT Imports Automotive

Web Video Ad Space has been handling our digital marketing and advertising since we started in business. We used to do phone book and mailers. We dropped these a couple of years ago and now we exclusively use digital marketing.

We did well with Google and search results, but when Google changed the rules we got hurt. Since then, Web Video Ad Space has fixed those problems and now were back on top for our search terms.

Even though we do well with Google traffic, what really turned things around for us was Facebook. Since we implemented a Facebook campaign, we've become the dominant independent German/European service shop in our Riverside, CA.

People know who we are and we continue to break sales records month after month. 

If you have a local service shop (not in my backyard) then I can't recommend Ahryn Scott and Web Video Ad Space highly enough.

Here's What we Bring to Your Business...

  • Leads & Sales

    We start with highly targeted traffic from social networks and search engines. We end with high converting landing pages and lead opt-in systems.

  • Brand Recognition

    A brand is a small piece of real estate in another person’s mind. We engineer how people think and feel about you.

  • A Bigger Slice of the Pie

    The natural result of targeted reach and engagement is a larger share of the market. You’re the one they know, like, and trust.

  • 24-7 Sales Machine

    We will not let you fall off the radar. We make sure you are constantly engaged with your audience.

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