Smartphone Ownership Close to 80 Percent
by Ahryn Scott
Number’s reported by show 79.1% of mobile subscribers are smartphone owners.
Projections show this number should pass 85% by the end of 2016 and sometime in 2017 the number should pass 234 million (the total number of desktop internet users!)
The eclipse of desktop by mobile has been swift and shocking. In fact, among people under 40, the ownership rate already exceeds 90%!

So here are the big takeaways for small business:

Mobile Websites:

Just saying you have a mobile ready site is not good enough. Responsive is great, but you must test on mobile devices and make sure that the download and render speeds on web pages is good. Otherwise, watch that bounce rate continue to climb.

Mobile Video:

Make sure video is mobile optimized. Again testing on desktop browsers only is going to lead to a world of pain. A good shortcut is to host on YouTube, which annoying ads aside, always delivers a good mobile experience. I need to test uploading native to Facebook and then embedding. It’s worth a test.

Mobile Customer Service:

Customer service response must be faster. The customers know you and your staff have mobile phones. They expect quick response… Now more than ever.

Times They are a Changin…

For an old Gen X’er like me, this is a Brave New World. But everyone must now make the assumption, that their visitors are consuming their content with a smartphone.
Beware of content producers who are still in a desktop mindset!
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