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Here's What we Bring to Your Business...

  • Leads & Sales

    We start with highly targeted traffic from social networks and search engines. We end with high converting landing pages and lead opt-in systems.

  • Brand Recognition

    A brand is a small piece of real estate in another person’s mind. We engineer how people think and feel about you.

  • A Bigger Slice of Your Market

    The natural result of targeted reach and engagement is a larger share of the market. You’re the one they know, like, and trust.

  • 24-7 Sales Machine

    We will not let you fall off the radar. We make sure you are constantly engaged with your audience.


A Full-Service Digital Video Agency

Complete digital video solutions for your business.

  • Web Video Distribution

    We make sure your videos get delivered to the right audiences at the right time. Whether that’s on your website, on social media, or in online ads.

  • Facebook & Social Media Ads

    Facebook knows more about you, me, and our neighbors than we might feel comfortable with. As advertisers we can use this information to deliver your video messages to the perfect audience.

  • Google & YouTube Ads

    People are searching for your products and services on Google. It’s just a question of who they find at the top, your or competitors? We make sure it’s you and we make sure you don’t pay too much.

  • White Board Explainer Videos

    Sometimes the best way to explain something is with an explainer video. These videos give you the flexibility of doodling on a whiteboard with the power of video and audio.

  • Landing Page Sales Videos

    Whether it’s your home page or a landing page designed for conversions, a well designed video helps move the sale forward 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

  • Video Commercials

    Are you ready to make your message move? Our specialty is helping small businesses take advantage of the many opportunities of online video.

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See What Our Clients Are  Saying

"...reduce(d) our cost per click by over 50%, doubled our organic traffic, and increased overall traffic by over four times"

"Ahryn Scott (at Web Video Ad Space) has competently managed the digital marketing and advertising campaigns for Ramona Tire for the last 5 years. In 2010 it became clear that the majority of our customers were searching the internet for their auto service and tire shopping needs.

At that point our online advertising consisted of purchasing pay-per-click traffic from SuperPages and advertising with the Pennysaver. These produced good results, but we knew there were more opportunities online.

Ahryn's service was recommended to us as a solution for Google search traffic and Adwords pay-per-click. He was able to reduce our cost per click by over 50%, doubled our organic traffic, and increased overall traffic by over four times.

Starting in 2014, he began our paid advertising campaigns on Facebook. These have since become our most cost effective and largest source of traffic.

In the beginning his lack of knowledge of the automotive industry was a bottleneck, but as time progressed he continued to add to his knowledge to the point where he was eventually able to help us maintain our online tire catalog.

In addition, he has worked with us to develop a reputation management protocol for Yelp and Google My Business. This has become of critical importance to our organization in the last couple of years.

I can confidently say his efforts have been instrumental in helping Ramona Tire achieve our ambitious growth goals. I am grateful for, and highly recommend, his digital advertising services."

"...we continue to break sales records month after month."

"Web Video Ad Space has been handling our digital marketing and advertising since we started in business. We used to do phone book and mailers. We dropped these a couple of years ago and now we exclusively use digital marketing.

We did well with Google and search results, but when Google changed the rules we got hurt. Since then, Web Video Ad Space has fixed those problems and now were back on top for our search terms.

Even though we do well with Google traffic, what really turned things around for us was Facebook. Since we implemented a Facebook campaign, we've become the dominant independent German/European service shop in our area.

People know who we are and we continue to break sales records month after month. 

If you have a local service shop (not in my backyard) then I can't recommend Ahryn Scott and Web Video Ad Space highly enough." - Scot Trees

Let me just say, WOW!

"Web Video Ad Space has kept our business NUMBER ONE ranked in Google, for years. And our social media interest has grown steadily. What more can I say than that? The proof is in the pudding:

  • #1 Google rating
  • personalized service
  • 100's-1000's of social media interactions per month
  • consistent new customer inquiries (phone/email/other) weekly.

All of the above translates to one thing: new customers. And remember, I said that we've been seeing the same high quality service for YEARS! That means consistency. Through Web Video Ad Space, we have control of our company's presence on the internet, and as many new customers as we want. You just can't pay enough for that!

And lastly, but firstly- Ahryn Scott. Ahryn is one of the best guys I know. Our small company has never needed any type of support because everything runs so smoothly; we simply fine-tune our market reach as we go along. In addition to the priceless services I mentioned above, Ahryn will listen to you and what your company is trying to achieve. He will then personally work with you to structure your online presence accordingly to connect you to relevant, interested, customers. By developing a rich online experience, Ahyrn has connected our business to the customers needed for our growth strategy.

Number one on Google, Facebook ratings and interactions through the roof, consistency, awesome personalized service, new customers: Thank you Ahryn Scott and Web Video Ad Space ...and our customers thank you too!!!

I recommend Web Video Ad Space to every business owner I know. 5-stars"

-Brian Weaver
CEO TCSociety

The Rolling Stone Guarantee

No Long Term Contracts!

We don't want you to stay just because it's hard to leave.

We want you to stay because we're helping you build your business.

Starting up with most agencies means you will be stuck in a contract for the next 12 months.

If you change your mind before this, they are going to make it expensive, difficult, and painful to leave.

The Rolling Stone Guarantee eliminates your risk.

If you tell us, our service is not the right fit for your advertising needs, we will stop the billing cycle immediately.

Just let us know seven business days before the beginning of the next month.

We know stopping one service and starting another is a huge pain.

We will make the transition as easy as possible.

We will provide you all the password and reporting access you will need going forward.

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Learn what's possible for your company's growth. Schedule an initial consultation with no obligations.

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