Is Your Marketing a Welcome Guest or an Unwanted Pest?

Is Your Marketing a Welcome Guest or an Unwanted Pest?

This is from an old riff from Dan Kennedy, but it’s more valid today than ever.

Today people will go to great lengths to avoid advertising, like paying for premium content and ad blockers.

However, there is always room for a welcome guest and there are so many ways to be that welcome guest.

Here are my two favorite ways:

1. Be human on social media.

What happens when humans meet humans? They make friends, not with everyone, but even those become important.

As a group of friendly folk grow, they stand in contrast to those who don’t share their values and, for lack of a better word, style.

Once this happens a community begins to form. It’s natural!

There is a feeling among community members to help each other out and stick together.

One person’s annoying offer is another person’s salvation. This happens all the time in hobby niches.

I like aquariums. I always have, since I was a kid.

Now there is a thriving aquarist community on YouTube. I love it!

I learn way more than I could by myself and even though the communication is one way, I feel like I know and trust the content makers.

For this phenomenon benefit businesses, it doesn’t need to be complete. It’s just the hint of this that gives you an unbeatable edge over your competitors.

People only shop price when that is the only perceived difference.

That you have feelings of like and trust towards one brand complicate the decision making process… in your favor!

My second favorite way is the method Dan Kennedy was alluding to 30 years ago (and it was an old concept when he started touting it).

2. Irresistible Offers!

They’re irresistible! They take away, or significantly reduce, the risk on the part of the customer/client.

Before there were Sales Funnels, there was Product Mix.

There have always been a class of products, services… OFFERS, that were specifically designed to bring people “in the door” or “on the lot.” They were designed to “make the phone ring.”

Now did 20% of the people take the irresistible offer and run for the hills? Yes.

But did 80% of the people that came in on the irresistible offer upgrade their order with something extra, bigger, better, nicer, more luxurious, or more complete? Yes!

The problem with most advertising boils down to brand recognition and value proposition.

I’ll leave off with two parting shots:

1. In a social media world, even the smallest companies can start playing a sophisticated game of branding without spend huge resources.

2. Creating offers that provide an irresistible value proposition requires owners who have the courage and confidence in the value proposition of the remainder of their offerings.

Agree? Or disagree? Let me know.