Adding Instagram Photos Increases Checkouts by 24%

Adding Instagram Photos Increases Checkouts by 24%


This case study shows how adding social proof in the form of user generated content from Instagram increased checkouts on an ecommerce product page.

eCommerce site, Vanity Planet had a product page with a good checkout rate, approximately 6%.

They installed a plugin produced by YOTPO (I mispronounce the name of the video – apologies to the fine folks at YOTPO), called Social Curation.

I use a YOTPO plugin for reviews on an ecommerce shopify site I run and I love it. I think they have great software.

Using the plugin, they put the user-generated Instagram photos at the bottom of the product page with the end result being an increase in the checkout rate of 24%. (See video below for visuals.)

Obviously Vanity Planent encouraged these Instagram users to take photos on Instagram and then add the hashtag #VPBeauty.

Once the community had tagged their images, Vanity Planet used the Social Curation plug-in to add those photos to the bottom of the product page.

This a great example of how to use a user-generated content to provide social proof at the time of checkout.

It gives people who would normally say, “well I don’t know Vanity Planet, so I’m not going to buy online” to see all of the other users who bought the exact product from the very same store.

They receive proof that there are numerous people who have successfully bought this item and we’re so happy about it, they posted it on Instagram.

I love this case study and hope this sparked some ideas for your business.