How to Approach Testimonials for Your Business Success

How to Approach Testimonials for Your Business Success

Credibility and trust will always make a business look better in the market place.

It can cause your influence to soar, and increase interest in your product/service.

Having testimonials from happy, satisfied customers can boost your web ratings, and contribute to business success.

There is nothing quite as appealing to potential customers, as testimonials from customers who are satisfied with your product/service.

How to get Testimonials that Work for You

Positive testimonials that paint a picture of a reliable, trustworthy company can attract new business.

However, it is important to ensure that these are real testimonials from real customers.

Be sure to make them authentic, by including the name and location of the customer, and if possible, a photo.

Testimonials can be Solicited or Unsolicited

Those that are unsolicited are usually the best. In these, the customer generally expresses how much they appreciate the value of your product or service.

Be sure to ask the customer’s permission before using the testimonial in a marketing campaign.

If you have to solicit testimonials then be tactful when doing so.

Marketing experts recommend that you simply ask customers for comments on your product/service, and don’t give them too many guidelines.

You want them to feel comfortable enough to be real and honest.

Also, it is best to request testimonials from repeat customers, rather than first time buyers.

Ask them to provide feedback on how the product/service satisfied a need, or met expectations.

If you want testimonials to work for you, then be sure to:

Select Testimonials Carefully

You are likely to get testimonials from a variety of people.

Display testimonials that are most likely to appeal to your target audience.

You want them to be able to connect with what they read.

If that connection occurs, then it can prove to be a very powerful help in leading to conversions.

It will make prospects feel at ease when making a purchase.

Make Testimonials Visible 

Testimonials need to be seen. So make sure they are visible.

You can use them in your marketing promotions as part of direct mail packages, brochures, print ads, or email promotions..

You can also include them on the homepage of your website, or other social media platform.

If you are dealing with multiple offers, then make certain to organize the testimonials.

It is possible to boost your business with testimonials.

That’s because they give prospects with a true to life testimony of how the product/service does it’s job.

Testimonials can go a long way in building trust in the minds of persons who are thinking about purchasing your product/service.